Our mission – to protect South Georgia’s environment and preserve its history

The sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia is one of nature’s paradises and is rich in historical heritage.

The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) aims to work with all who wish to preserve the island’s natural and historical heritage for future generations – to redress past damage to its environment, to protect its wildlife now and in the future, and to preserve the human heritage of the island which so clearly shows the best and worst of humanity.

The Whale Story


The Spirit Tables of South Georgia will inspire the world by telling the whale’s tale at South Georgia. See the story.


Art celebrating the return of the whale at Grytviken Whaling Station, South Georgia
SGHT has instigated a new artistic commission to shine a light on the story of humankind and the resurgence of the wildlife of South Georgia. We have achieved amazing things so far.

Sponsor a Rivet

These Spirit Tables are punctuated by stainless steel button head rivets in various patterns, each rivet implying a live whale or the spirit of a live whale.

Shackleton banner

Preserving Shackleton’s heritage

In November 2022, SGHT sent a team of 11 experts to Stromness Whaling Station, to carry out a survey of the site which Shackleton, Worsley and Crean reached in their quest to rescue the crew of the Endurance. Stromness Manager’s Villa, where the three found hospitality and help after their 36 hour non-stop traverse of South Georgia, is in danger of collapsing and being lost forever. With your help SGHT, in partnership with FOSGI and GSGSSI, hopes to save the Villa and remove the oil, asbestos and debris left behind by the whaling industry that poses a threat to both humans and the island’s wildlife.

Watch the story so far and join the rescue mission by supporting SGHT