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Messages from South Georgia: Investigating global Issues on a small island. An education resource-pack including lesson plans by the South Georgia Heritage Trust

Alan Parkinson and Val Vannet

South Georgia Resource Pack (pdf)

SGHT Specification Mapping (Word) – links for various key stages and exam specifications

Unit A

PPT1: Finding South Georgia (PPT)

Activity Sheet 1: Describing South Georgia’s location (word)

Activity Sheet 2: Acrostic poem (pdf)

Activity Sheet 3: South Georgia GIS Activity (word)

Activity Sheet 4: Outline map of South Georgia (pdf)

Unit B

Activity Sheet 5a: Timeline activity sheet (PPT)

Activity Sheet 5b: Timeline activity cards (word)

Information Sheet 1: South Georgia descriptions (word)

South Georgia Word Cloud (jpg/png)

Unit C

Activity Sheet 6: Tourist visitors to South Georgia (word)

Activity Sheet 7: Map of Grytviken and surrounding area (word)

Activity Sheet 8: Why have a code of conduct? (word)

Activity Sheet 9: Visiting South Georgia (word)

Activity Sheet 10: Blank Instagram template (PPT)

Information Sheet 2: Tourism in South Georgia (word)

Unit D

Activity Sheet 11: Developing management options for South Georgia (word)

Activity Sheet 3: South Georgia GIS Activity (word)

Unit E

PPT2: Rats

Information Sheet 3: Rats on South Georgia

Baiting zones map (pdf)

Phase 2 Camps and Forward operating bases (pdf)

Activity Sheet 12: Decision Making Activity (word)

Activity Sheet 13: BBC News preparation activity (word)

SGHT HT Logo (jpg)

Information sheet 4: SGHT Press Release May 2018 (pdf)

Unit F

PPT 3: South Georgia’s Weather and Climate

Activity Sheet 14: Earth NullSchool Activity (word)

Activity Sheet 15: Krill Fishing Flat Chat (word)

Unit G

Activity Sheet 16: South Georgia Management Plan (word)

Activity Sheet 17: To what extent o-meter (word)

Activity Sheet 18: Press Release Activity (word)

Information Sheet 4: Preparing a press release (word)

Unit H

Activity Sheet 19: Guidance on the production of a management plan and assessment criteria (word)

PPT4: Management plan template