Sponsor a hectare of South Georgia

You can give a hectare of South Georgia back to its birds for only £90 / USD 145.

You will receive a signed certificate thanking you personally for your donation.

Only £90 / USD 145 can clear an entire hectare of the island from invasive rodents, allowing birds to nest safely without their nests and chicks being devastated.

Many generous donors have helped us to raise funds to bait 100% of the island and, we hope, have cleared it of the invasive rodents. We are almost there and we need your help to fund the monitoring of the island so we can ensure it is free.

With your support we hope we can declare that South Georgia is rodent free from 2015 onwards!

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The last of the Phase 3 rodent infested areas was baited on March 23rd 2015 and so the baiting of the entire island is complete. What we need to do now is to make sure that the rats are gone for good and we plan to do that by undertaking monitoring work in 2017/18  to make sure that happens.

Phase 3 Areas

Barff Peninsula (23,307)
Northwest Area (17,286 ha)
Weddell Area (2,094 ha)
Charlotte Area (2,945 ha)
Gold Harbour (1,996 ha)
Iris Bay (411 ha)
Cooper Bay (5,628 ha)
  • Greene Peninsula, Thatcher Peninsula, Mercer Bay and Saddle Island were cleared in March 2011, an area totalling 12,800 hectares.
  • In 2013 Team Rat tackled Nunez, Rosa, Stromness, King Haakon Bay, Cheapman Bay, Demidov, Saddle Island, Antarctic Bay, Salisbury, Blue Whale Bay and they are hoping to complete the final area for 2013, the NorthWest zone. That is three times the Phase 1 area!