South Georgia and its whales need you

Sponsor this landmark artwork now so we can inspire the world with South Georgia's remarkable recovery and fund vital whale research

Tragically, from 1905 to 1965 whales were hunted to near extinction at South Georgia. Thankfully, they are now slowly returning to the island’s waters. We want to tell this remarkable story of recovery to inspire people around the world that there’s always opportunity for environmental turnaround. South Georgia is the most powerful evidence to help bring change to other under pressure ecosystems.

To reach and engage people worldwide we’re going to install a monumental artwork in the heart of Grytviken Whaling Station. Commensalis: The Spirit Tables of South Georgia will commemorate the loss and celebrate the recovery of whales at South Georgia, changing the narrative from whaling to whales – creating a beacon of hope for everyone who cares about nature and supporting vital research to protect the future of whales in the Southern Ocean.

You can become a part of this story
Sponsor a rivet to light a beacon of hope
for whales at South Georgia and beyond.
Your support will inspire the world with
the island’s story and support whale research.
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Dive deeper into the artwork
Commensalis: The Spirit Tables of South Georgia
is the creation of prize-winning artist Michael Visocchi RSA.
His mesmerizing sculpture consists of seven otherworldly
steel tables punctuated with beautiful patterns of rivets.
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Only £33

to sponsor a small rivet
on one of six Spirit Tables
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Why 33?

Because the returning humpback whales' beautiful and complex songs last up to 33 minutes - we're so thankful to hear these melodies again in the bays of South Georgia.

Give £90

to sponsor a more
limited medium rivet
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Why 90?

Because the fin whale has an average lifespan of 90 years – to see these long living giants returning to the island after being the most persecuted species during the whaling era is incredibly inspiring.

Donate £199

to sponsor the rare large rivet
on only three Spirit Tables
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Why 199?

Because the world’s largest whale, the blue whale, can weigh up to a staggering 199 tons – that’s equivalent to 398 Grand Pianos!

Three reasons why you should become a sponsor

1 Support a unique artwork that will shine a brighter light on South Georgia as a modern rarity – an ecosystem in recovery and beacon of hope for conservation activities worldwide.
2 Commensalis: The Spirit Tables of South Georgia will inspire the world by telling the whale’s tale at South Georgia and showing that ecological recovery is always possible. Nature heals if given the chance.
3 This artwork will fund vital whale research ensuring whales continue to safely return to the island’s waters.

As a sponsor, you will become a part of South Georgia’s extraordinary, ongoing story of recovery. You’ll help make this artwork a reality so we can inspire millions of people around the world and ensure whale research is funded into the future to help whales return to the Southern Ocean.

Sponsorship will see you become a part of the art too. We will allocate you your very own rivet(s) in the artwork, therefore securing you a permanent presence at South Georgia for as long as Commensalis stands.

Your sponsorship will be a legacy felt and witnessed by millions visiting the artwork and many more interacting from afar online. We hope to make your sponsorship public so others can be inspired by your support of and dedication to South Georgia and the natural world.

This project is generously supported by: Albatross Expeditions, wsp, Creative Scotland