Commensalis: a sculpture to return the whale to South Georgia

Creating a better world for whales (and humans)

To place the whale’s story at the heart of South Georgia and raise money to support  whale research, SGHT is raising funds for an ambitious sculpture, to be sited on the Flensing Plan at Grytviken Whaling Station,

The artwork is called ‘Commensalis – the Spirit Tables of South Georgia’ by Jerwood prize-winning sculptor Michael Visocchi.

SGHT has commissioned this sculpture in collaboration with GSGSSI to reinterpret Grytviken and South Georgia, once the centre of Antarctic whaling, where over 175,000 whales were slaughtered during the years of the industry. Thanks to humankind’s changing attitude to nature and the whale, South Georgia’s wildlife is resurging and the island has been called ‘an ecosystem in recovery’ by Sir David Attenborough.

With your help, Commensalis as a sculpture can send a message of hope – that as humans we have the power to reverse past damage to the natural world – and highlight the importance of research by organisations like British Antarctic Survey to help us understand more about whales, so that we can protect their future.

Light a Beacon of Hope for the Whale

Come with us on an amazing journey, a future with hope for the seas and environment. With your help we are building on SGHT’s past achievements and through your participation raising awareness and protecting this remarkable environment. By making a gift towards Commensalis, you are helping protect the whale and support the growing numbers.

This project is generously supported by:

Albatross Expeditions, wsp and Creative Scotland