Cultural Heritage

Our cultural heritage initiatives aim to conserve South Georgia’s unique human history encompassing polar exploration, sealing and whaling industries, war and scientific endeavour and use it to educate and inspire visitors.

Current Projects

Shackleton's Heritage

The Story of Ernest Shackleton’s Trans-Continental Journey across Antarctica.

Whaling Station Initiative

An environmental clean-up of whaling stations with the conservation of heritage associated with the famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and the rescue of the crew of Endurance.

Artistic Commission

Art celebrating the return of the whale at Grytviken Whaling Station, South Georgia

Whalers’ Memory Bank

A digital platform collecting and sharing important whaling social history.

Successful Projects Completed by SGHT & Partners

Sealing Archaeology Survey

Heritage of the 18th and 19th century American and British sealers

Oral History

The South Georgia Museum ex-whalers oral history project