Geoffrey Smethurst

Born in Bolton, 1924.


We were so sad to hear the news that our friend Geoff passed away on the 14th of April 2012. Here is his story.

Geoff made his first trip to South Georgia in 1947 to join the whale catcher Stora. Geoff had previously trained with the Marconi Company and went on to become a Chief Radio Officer working on whale catchers, whale transporters, whale meat fridge ships, factory ships and on shore at Leith Harbour. He also overwintered at Leith Harbour for four seasons where his duties included fitting newly acquired radar sets to whale catchers in preparation for the 1948/9 season.

When whaling around South Georgia came to an end Geoff joined Salvesen’s merchant ships and continued to work for the company until 1973.

Geoff was a member of the Salvesen Ex Whalers Club and kept in touch with a number of his colleagues from South Georgia until his death.