John Alexander

Born in Kirwall, Orkney, 1933.

John first travelled to South Georgia on the Southern Opal in 1954. He was based at Leith Harbour and worked as an electrical repairer. He overwintered during his first year before returning home in 1956. He returned to the island later in 1956 and he again overwintered. In 1958 he transferred to the Souther Harvester to work offshore as an electrical engineer. His final trip was in 1960 to work once again as an electrical repairer at Leith Harbour, with increased responsibility.

John is a member of the Salvesen Ex Whalers Club. He is a talented photographer and has donated a disk of images from his time in the whaling industry for sale to raise funds for the SGHT Habitat Restoration Programme.

John returned to visit South Georgia in 2009 on board Pelagic Australis.


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