We are delighted to announce that Albatros Expeditions has been hosting a series of auctions to raise funds for SGHT which is supporting efforts to protect South Georgia’s albatross species.

South Georgia is a globally significant breeding site for Grey-headed, Wandering, and Black-browed albatross. Unfortunately, due to the extensive feeding ranges and foraging nature of these beautiful birds, they are coming into conflict with pelagic longline fishing fleets far from South Georgia’s shores. It is now estimated that there are around 100,000 albatross deaths per year as a result of this ‘bycatch’. The project will track where albatross populations encounter fishing activities and work with governments and fishing fleets to enforce regulations and put in place alternative fishing methods.

The South Georgia wandering albatross, one of the island’s albatross species threatened by marine fishing practices elsewhere in the world.

The funds donated by Albatros Expeditions will support the delivery of this project.

Thank you to Albatros Expeditions and its passengers for helping SGHT to protect South Georgia’s wonderful wildlife and heritage