They Knit and Natter and have been populating the globe with their wonderful crochet creations.

Knit and Natter is just one of many activities offered by the charity Connects2Project in Glasgow, Scotland.

See their Facebook page here:

For four years now they have been sending their handmade goodies to places all over the world. When they realised they had sent things to six of the seven continents they looked for a way to benefit Antarctica too; so they started crocheting a fabulous assortment of penguins to raise money for the wildlife of the Southern Ocean.

Now a plethora of penguins are on their way south aboard expeditions ship Silver Cloud. They were hand-delivered by the Knit and Natter group who had a great day out, being royally hosted on the ship, where the maintenance team knows different types of fairings. See the fabulous photos of their special day on their Facebook page at this link.

We especially love the photo of the penguins acclimatising in the freezer before starting their journey.

Some of the penguins will get off in South Georgia and hop along to the South Georgia Museum where they will be used to raise funds for South Georgia Heritage Trust projects. They will be very well travelled penguins by the time they get home with their new owners as travellers to South Georgia come from many different nations all over the world.

Article by Sarah Lurcock.