Sir Gerald Elliot

Sir Gerald Elliot joined the family firm of Christian Salvesen & Company in 1948 and quickly became involved in its whaling operations, making his first trip to South Georgia just two months after his appointment. Sir Elliot slowly took over the management of the whaling fleet from his uncle Harold Salvesen and was involved in improving processing methods, the rationalisation of whale catches, ordering of supplies and overseeing recruitment.

Following the cessation of whaling in the 1960s he became involved in Salvesen’s fishing interests in South America. He retired from the company in 1988.

In 1998 he published A Whaling Enterprise: Salvesen in the Antarctic detailing the fascinating history of Salvesen’s whaling interests, the lives of whalers and the technical and economic frameworks which supported the industry. The book is available from the SGHT online shop.

Sir Elliot resides in Edinburgh and is an active supporter of the South Georgia Heritage Trust.

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