The South Georgia Museum is looking for photos taken inside the old whaling stations stores before 1982, specifically of the Engineering Workshop and the Main Store (Magasinet). These are buildings numbered 10 and 11 in Bjorn Basberg’s “Shore Whaling Stations of South Georgia”.

In the next year or so we will be undertaking a project within the Main Store. We are very keen to make sure we catalogue and identify the original stores correctly, and keep the stores authentic and accurate, so early photos of the building interiors could be a very valuable tool for us. Can you help us with this important and challenging task?

Photos and slides can be scanned and put on a disk, or original photos/slides can be posted to: The South Georgia Museum, Grytviken, South Georgia, via Falkland Islands, South Atlantic.

One-off images (especially if the files are not too big) can be emailed to

Please describe when and where you took the photos and include as much information as you can remember to assist us.


If you are unsure which buildings your photos are of, please send them anyway and we will be able to work out which building it is.
If posting images, please also to drop us an e mail to to say images are coming.

Thank you!