We may be a small charity but we have big ambitions. We are making a big difference to the future of South Georgia’s wildlife and heritage. We appreciate and individually acknowledge each donation to SGHT, we are truly thankful for the support we receive. When you donate to SGHT, you know that every penny will be used to bring benefit to South Georgia. See the works we do and donate.

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Leave a Legacy
You can protect South Georgia for future generations by leaving a gift in your will.
Support South Georgia’s Whales
Sponsor a rivet in this amazing artwork to light a beacon of hope for whales at South Georgia and beyond. Your support will inspire the world with the island’s story and help protect whales.
Guardians of South Georgia
Your opportunity to play a lasting role in the preservation of South Georgia – its wildlife and cultural heritage. Find out more…


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US Donors

Make a tax deductible donation for South Georgia via FOSGI

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Donate for South Georgia via our affiliate organisation Friends of South Georgia Island (FOSGI) in Colorado USA. Use the link below.

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